Bluebell Digital
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Our Services

Since 2004

We help your business determine your software and hardware needs and an implementation path that will help your business meet its goals. We will work with your staff through the entire process, to keep the software and hardware selections and their implementation in line with what your needs and goals are, while making sure they actually do work in your environment.

Since 2009

Efficient project management requires the use of fit-for-purpose tools and processes. We will implement processes for initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing projects, as well as help you understand and mitigate the uncertainty in your software projects. We bring a combination of experience in agile software development leadership and experience in using cutting-edge project management techniques for making the best decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Since 2014

We work with you to devise a tailored digital content plan and create content that defines your business and attracts and retains your customers in the markets you operate in with the type of media they are most likely to engage with. We specialize in info graphics, graphic design, instruct to graphics, explainer videos and video graphics.

Since 2004

Choosing the right digital signage solution depends on the intended application, target audience and scale. Our system architecture and specification consulting will help you to right-size the deployment, optimize remote management, select the technology best fitting your goals and plan for features that provide a solution that is affordable for today and scalable for tomorrow.

Since 2004

Should your business need applications to support your strategic goals we offer a range of application development services focusing on Digital Signage touch screen applications, smart Digital Signage content interaction and tailored Digital Signage integrations. In addition, we also develop Microsoft Windows desktop applications, mobile applications, multi-platform applications, database integrations, web sites and web applications.

Since 2014

We provide a scalable solution for hosting your website, email, productivity solutions, virtual servers and IT infrastructure in the cloud and ensure your business is fully connected and your information managed.

Since 2014

We offer fast and easy to understand technical support services that help to solve your specific problems with a product and find solutions. Our service is delivered by email, live support software or by phone.

Since 2014

We help you to get more value from your software and hardware, prevent downtime and keep your systems operational with our extensive, customizable range of maintenance services for multi-vendor systems.

Since 2015

We help you to take your IT or digital signage equipment into use, our highly trained and experienced engineers can install, all hardware, and complete the appropriate tests and diagnostics to ensure correct product installation. If your needs require more than a simple, one-time installation service, or if your company is lacking expertise in a particular platform, we can also help you find qualified IT personnel through our partner companies.